‘State in Time’


Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK), ‘New Slovenian Art’was founded in 1984 by IRWIN in collaboration with the music group Laibach and the theatre company Gledališče sester Scipion Nasice, which was later to involve other collectives operating in the fields of graphics, video art and philosophy.

Collaboration and sharing are at the same time the prerequisite and the inevitable consequence both of IRWIN and of the Neue Slowenische Kunst, which in this way became a feature of the political and cultural reality of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. With the fall of Socialism, at the start of the ‘90s, the basis of their very artistic approach changed radically, and 1992 witnessed the transformation of Neue Slowenische Kunst into the ‘NSK State in Time’. In the face of the emergence of a vast range of new states, the NSK collective decided to objectivise their own nature in the form of a state of their own. Not a territorial state, but a state of thought: one effectively expressed through public involvement in cultural projects, in which its particular image and contents were thus slowly outlined, and multiple relationships were established between its citizens, the number of whom slowly grew thanks to the initiatives in which they took part. 20 years on, the number of citizens in possession of the ‘NSK State in Time’ passport is over 14,000 – with people belonging first and foremost to the world of art, but not only – who continue to reflect on the notion of a new state, a better state, one in which perhaps a little happiness might be found.

On the occasion of the Dreams and Conflicts exhibition, in the central hall of the Palazzina there will be a temporary Consulate of the ‘NSK State in Time’, where a passport may be applied for, making it possible for applicants to add the citizenship of the Utopic nation founded in 1992 to their own. Just like in other touring ‘passport offices’ opened in the past – among which the first in Moscow in 1992 and that at the MoMA in New York in 2012 – as well as the opportunity to reflect together on the possibility of a new state, the special opportunity will also be offered here to be able to acquire an alternative citizenship to all those who identify with the constitutional principles of the NSK: equal opportunities and equality, regardless of ethnic or national origins, or sexual or religious orientations.


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