‘Mapping Ideology’

First published January 1995 by Verso


Mapping Ideology presents a comprehensive sampling of the most important contemporary writing on the subject of ideology. Slavoj Žižek’s introductory essay The Spectre of Ideology surveys the development of the concept from Marx onwards and famously introduces the thesis that “it seems easier to imagine the ‘end of the world’ than a far more modest change in the mode of production”.

Terry Eagleton, Peter Dews and Seyla Benhabib assess the decisive contributions of Lukács and the Frankfurt School. A different tradition is revealed in an essay by the French post-structuralist Michel Pêcheux, while the study of ideology is exemplified in classic texts by Theodor Adorno, Jacques Lacan and Louis Althusser. An intersection of Gramscian and Althusserian motifs appears in a now famous debate over “the dominant ideology thesis,” reprinted here. Pierre Bourdieu succinctly formulates his departure from this tradition in an interview with Eagleton. Further readings of the ideological are explored by Richard Rorty and Michèle Barrett. Fredric Jameson supplies an authoritative statement of the nature and position of the ideological in late capitalist society.

Finally includes a concluding text by Žižek which first appeared in his 1989 classic Sublime Object of Ideology with which he entered the English speaking theoretical field.

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